The Pop Maison

Our Story

Our first Chair in 2019

In 2019, we realized how hard it could be to find a stylish and affordable dining chair in a small space. My friend and I, both specializing in furniture product development, decided to tackle this issue and launched our first Edwin Chair on Wayfair. The chair, featuring a typical European design, sold well and we were thrilled!

Since then, we’ve expanded our business into many areas of furniture and have collaborated with talented designers to create modern and cozy pieces. This led us to launch our own brand, The Pop Maison, in 2022. Our brand is online-only and direct-to-consumer, with a focus on apartment-friendly furniture.

The name "Maison" comes from the French word for "home." Before starting our business, we specialized in furniture product development for the European market, so our product lines are influenced by the simple and modern styles that are popular in Europe. At The Pop Maison, we believe that home is where you spend time with your loved ones, or even just by yourself. Everyone deserves to live in a warm and comfortable environment, which is why we make beautiful chairs brighten up your day and add a touch of warmth to your home.

Our Value

Made with Enthusiasm

Our company is made up of 80% female employees, and we are passionate about curating unique pieces that will elevate your living space.

We are constantly searching for wide range of colors and fabrics, from soft turquoise and olive green to rich rust tones. We understand that these colors are not always easy to find in the furniture market, but we are committed to bringing them to you.


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